Here at Trooli, we’re on a mission to banish buffering, vanish video call embarrassment and clear up those “up to” speed claims that give broadband a bad name.

How? By expanding our new, guaranteed, ultrafast, full fibre broadband speeds to as many communities as possible across Kent, East Sussex and beyond.

Like what you see? Here’s a few more reasons why you should get in touch…


  • We’re passionate about growth

In two years we’ve passed 200,000 premises, grown from 10 to over 250 staff and become one of the most respected and exciting altnets in the industry – and that’s just the start.

  • We’re passionate about our people

At the heart of our culture is a belief that a company is more than politics and processes and our high staff retention rate is a sign that life at Trooli is that bit brighter than the norm. Our people are the heartbeat of our success and we’re committed to helping them grow alongside our network.

  • We’re passionate about our customers

Wouldn’t it be nice for a network to be independent of Openreach and fully able to focus on it’s customers? Well, welcome to Trooli and with our excellent Trustpilot rating it’s clear we’re doing something right.

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